K2 - Annual reports for smaller entities

Smaller swedish entities apply BFNAR 2016:10 when compiling their annual reports. This course gives you an overview of the structure of the K2 framework and how it should be applied.

Auktoriserad redovisningskonsult Auktoriserad/godkänd revisor Ekonomichef/CFO Redovisningsansvarig/chef Redovisningskonsult Revisorsassistent

About the course

The course will suit those who have not previously worked with the K2 regulations and need an introduction on how to apply them. The two-hour online course features a systematic explanation of the regulation's eight chapters, allowing you to go back and repeat any areas you are unsure of how to apply.

The course is suitable for

  • Authorized accounting consultants
  • Authorized / approved auditors
  • CFOs
  • Accounting Managers
  • Authorized accounting consultants
  • Audit Assistant

Course coverage/equivalent: 4 hours of further education

How to get started

  • Start the online-course via Mina Sidor/My Pages
  • You can easily repeat a section
  • Course compendium is available for printing (pdf) perfect for making your own notes
  • You have access to the course/film for 12 months

Here´s what you need – minimum requirements:

Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Connectivity 2Mbit / sec


Sofia Wallebom, Authorised accounting consultant.

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