The Excel PivotTables Guide - online

This online course in Excel PivotTables will take you step by step through the powerful tool which is the PivotTable. The course will teach you how to arrange, group, filter and sort your PivotTables in new, more effective ways.

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Course description

PivotTables are perhaps the most powerful analysis tool in Excel, but many people do not use PivotTables because they appear more complex than they actually are.

If you spend a lot of time in Excel without using PivotTables, chances are that you spend a lot of time on calculation, summarising, and analysis, all of which Excel can do for you.

By creating a PivotTable it is easier to see comparisons, patterns and trends in your data.

The aim of the course is that you will be able to efficiently navigate Excel in order to analyse and visualise data with a PivotTable.

Information about the course

  • Full access for 12 months
  • Around 50 lessons divided into 10 chapters
  • Estimated time to complete course: 4 hours
  • Average length per lesson: 2 min 30 sec

Expenditure of time

The online course consists of 50 short lessons which in total will be about 2 hours in video time. You have access to the course for 12 months so you can go back and repeat.

The purpose of the online course is for you to quickly become a more effective and efficient user of Excel and make Excel a valuable tool in your work. You will learn how to master PivotTables and functionalities that help you save time and increase the quality in.

After the course, Excel will be a more natural tool in your work. Among other things, you will have learned how to manage a database and analyse data using PivotTables. See the course chapters for further information.

The online course is a collaboration between FAR and Learnesy.


  1. Functions with Count And Sum
  2. Logical
  3. Cell references
  4. Date and time
  5. Text
  6. Lookup and reference
  7. Financial
  8. Statistical
  9. Round
  10. Formula errors
  11. Array formulas
  12. Depreciation
  13. Dynamic Array Functions


Having basic skills in Excel is required.

The lessons are based on the latest version of Excel and will work well with all versions except for Excel for Mac 2013 and older versions.

This course is also available in Swedish:
Excelkurs fördjupning pivottabeller

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