FAR hosts global meeting in Sweden

This weekend FAR hosted the annual meeting of the Nordic Federation of Public Accountants (NRF) in Stockholm. As part of the program, FAR organized panel discussions and dialogues between top representatives of the international auditor organizations and the business community.

– This was a unique opportunity to discuss, at the highest global level, the auditor's role in the future, independence and ethics and how we interact with business and society, says Karin Apelman, FAR's Secretary General and CEO.

The Nordic countries take turns to host the Nordic Annual Meeting, which means that it’s Sweden’s turn every five years. This year, FAR, in conjunction with the event, invited representatives of business and society to participate in an open discussion on the most central issues related to the profession. Sustainability and digitalization play a major role, as does the current international discussion paper regarding audit of less complex entities that is now open for comment.

Strong collaboration

International guests attending the meeting in Stockholm were the Chairman, CEO and CFO of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), In-Ki Joo, Kevin Dancey and Russell Guthrie, the new Chairman of the Global Regulatory Committee International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), Tom Seidenstein and Chairman and CEO of the European organization Accountancy Europe (ACE), Florin Toma and Olivier Boutellis-Taft.

– The Nordic countries have a strong collaboration within the NRF, and it is very valuable that the global representatives choose to prioritize this meeting. It also shows that there is great value in gathering and a willingness to discuss important issues for the profession, with the opportunity for a unique exchange of views, says Johan Rippe, chairman of FAR and one of those who participated in the program.

Panel discussions with representatives from the Swedish business society took place on Friday. On Saturday it was time for the NRF annual meeting. NRF representatives on IFAC's Board of Directors, Accountancy Europe's Board of Directors, IAASB and IFAC's SMP Committee participated.

The future of audit

The meeting concluded with three presentations followed by discussions. Both IFAC and Accountancy Europe CEOs had been asked to outline their thoughts on the profession and its impact on the work of professional organizations in 2025. Then IAASB's new chairman, Tom Seidenstein, presented his views on IAASB's future work.

– It is a great privilege to be able welcome the chairman and CEO of both IFAC and Accountancy Europe and the chairman of the IAASB to our NRF meetings. This weekend's discussions clarify the importance of interaction with business and society. The discussions both with the profession at global and European level, as well as with business and society are something that we will build on, says Helene Agélii, Secretary General of the NRF.

Translation from Swedish: Janet Temple