Professional ethics for Tax Advisors

This seminar is a preparation for the oral exam to become a Certified Tax Advisor FAR and is mandatory for tax advisors who intend to apply to be certified by FAR. During the seminar, you will learn why there is a need for ethical rules and the value of being a Certified Tax Advisor FAR.


Description of the seminar

During the one-day seminar, you will increase your understanding of IESBAs International Code of Ethics and relevant recommendations, and statements issued by FAR. In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply the rules on cases which address how the ethical rules can be applied solving dilemmas which tax advisors are likely to face. You will also have the opportunity to discuss these dilemmas with your fellow tax colleagues.

Seminar content

In our workshops on several hypothetical cases involving ethical dilemmas, we will in the participant group discuss many aspects, among them;

  • When does a liability for provided tax advice arise?
  • How do you treat information received in an engagement considering your liability to our professional secrecy?
  • How do you address irregularities which you identify in an engagement?

Good to know

The seminar will be held in English. The material will mainly be provided in English (presentation of the rules and IESBAs International Code of Ethics) but FAR:s recommendations and statements are only available in Swedish, thus basic knowledge in the Swedish language is preferrable. This course is also available in swedish, see Yrkesetik för skatterådgivare.

Please note that some ethical regulations are only available in Swedish, but that it is required that you can assimilate and account for these as well. A review of these regulations will also be included in the course. The examination itself will take place in English, if desired, and the cases to be solved will be written in English.