Karin Apelman

New organization will define and strengthen FAR

2018-12-21 14:21

Karin Apelman, who was this summer appointed Secretary General, is currently mobilizing the organization at FAR. Following FAR’s recent reorganization, Karin Apelman is both Secretary General of the institute and CEO of FAR AB.

FAR, with over 5,000 members, is the professional organization for auditors, accountants, tax consultants, payroll consultants and specialists. FAR’s mission is to help the profession benefit the business world and society.

“With the new organization, FAR will focus more deeply on developing good professionalism, packaging and communicating knowledge as well as driving advocacy in the profession's important issues", says Karin Apelman, Secretary General and CEO.

FAR's management team now includes Karin Apelman, Secretary General and CEO, Annelie Dahlqvist, Deputy CEO with responsibility for the Membership business area, Robert Wennberg, Head of the Competence business area, Helena Tjärnström, Chief of Staff, Annica Gerentz, Head of Public Relations, Public Affairs and Marketing, and Legal Counsel Helene Agélii, who at the end of the year becomes Secretary General of the Nordic Organization, NRF. Helene Agélii will be succeeded by Maria Lantz, who will assume the position of Legal Counsel on March 11, 2019.

For questions:
Karin Apelman, Secretary General and CEO FAR
Phone +46 76 770 8709

Annica Gerentz, Head of PR, PA and Marketing
Phone +46 76 789 54 01