Common challenges for the profession worldwide

IFAC's 17th CE Forum took place recently. Karin Apelman, FAR's Secretary General and CEO was there to represent FAR.
"The world is global, and it is important that we are involved in learning from others while also being able to influence," she says.

This two-day meeting gathered more than 60 CEOs at the IFAC offices in New York for the Chief Executives Forum. The hosts of the meeting were In-Ki Joo, President of IFAC, and Kevin Dancey, IFAC's CEO.

 - The participants were CEOs from FAR's counterparts in other countries and it was very interesting and valuable to be there and meet with them, says Karin Apelman.

The theme for the meeting was a profession undergoing change, and our discussions revolved around, among other things, the challenges facing the profession. One important issue was digitization and the major impact it has on the profession worldwide.

 - Among other things, we spoke about how to relate to the change that is taking place and how it affects business and society, says Karin Apelman.

Ethical issues were also discussed, as was sustainability and sustainable business in a world of public accounting, with accrual accounting versus cash accounting in focus.

 - 25 percent of the countries in the world today apply accrual accounting, which means that we do not only report account-based accounting. The nearest target is that 65 percent of the world's countries will apply accrual accounting. We are, of course, happy and proud that Sweden is already among the 25 percent that is already there,” says Karin Apelman.

Karin points out that one of the interesting things she’s come across while networking and meeting representatives from other countries is that everyone in principle is facing the same challenges. It is therefore important that FAR stays closely involved internationally – to learn from others and at the same time be able to influence.

 - The Nordic countries are involved, and we can influence through our cooperation, which helps in the global context, she says.

The agenda also included IFAC's work and how IFAC creates value.

At the same time as the CE's Forum was in progress, IFAC also held a communication meeting, where the focus was on social media.

 - The communications meeting was very inspiring, and it turns out that many, just like FAR, rate presence in LinkedIn highly. So, if you’re not already doing so, make sure to follow FAR, and me, on LinkedIn to find out what's going on, says Karin Apelman.

English translation by Janet Temple.